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Three Layers Tablet Press Machine


Three layers tablet press is an automatically revolving and continuous tablet compression machine. It is the basic equipment to press various kinds of granular materials into tablets. This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry. It is also applied in chemical, food, electronic, battery industries, etc. Our company mainly supplies ZP25 and ZPW21/23 three layers tablet presses for customers.


1. The outside cover of this tablet compression machine is totally closed and is made of stainless steel. The inner surface also adopts stainless steel. The rotary table is specially treated, which can maintain the surface luster and prevent it from cross contamination.
2. Our three layers tablet press machines are fabricated complying with GMP requirements.
3. This tablet compression machine is fitted with transparent glass, making it clear to observe the pressing state. These windows can be opened, so it is easier for internal cleaning and maintenance.
4. All control parts and operation parts are arranged in reasonable order.
5. The revolving speed of the machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation device to control. It rotates stably and safely.
6. All transmission devices are installed inside the three layers tablet press, which helps to keep machine parts clean and tidy.
7. This tablet compression machine is configured with overloading protection device. When overload occurs, the machine can stop automatically.
8. It can not only press single layer tablets, but also press three different materials into three layers tablets.
Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of three layers tablet press. Our products also include powder mixer, granulator, pulverizer, sugar coating machine, capsule filling machine, packaging machine and other auxiliary machines. The normal delivery time for our tablet compression machines is between 30 and 50 days. They are highly appraised by customers worldwide.