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Coating Machine


Pharmaceutical coating machine is a kind of highly-efficient, energy-saving, safe and clean electromechanical equipment. It is mainly used for organic film coating and water soluble film coating of tablets, pills and candies. Chuanchu Company mainly provides BY sugar coating machine and BYS series coating equipment. Our pharmaceutical coating machines are highly appraised for compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Made of stainless steel, it is sturdy and durable. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP production requirements.


Chuanchu coating equipment is mainly used for sugar-coating of pills and tablets in pharmaceutical industry. Our pharmaceutical coating machines are also applied to food, biology, fine chemicals, metal protection, inorganic salt modification and papermaking fields.

Functions of Coating Equipment

1. It has the function of controlling negative pressure.
2. Pharmaceutical coating machine owns hot air speed control system.
3. This equipment can display temperature and inlet air humidity.
4. Chuanchu coating equipment can adjust and control the atomization coverage of spray gun.
5. Our pharmaceutical coating machines possess the function of process control of spray gun and atomization and anti-blocking function.
6. After coating, pharmaceutical products are moisture-proof and have long period of validity.
Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing coating equipment in China. Our products also include tablet press machine, powder mixer, granulator, pulverizer, capsule filling machine, packaging machine and other auxiliary machines. If you want to buy pharmaceutical coating machine, please contact us freely.