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Advanced Polycrytal Finished Drawing Die


Our advanced polycrystalline die range 0.10-8.00mm, this series of drawing die has two types: The soft wire die and hard wire die. The soft wire die is good for the drawing of high quality copper wire, the hard wire is better for the drawing of high hardness nickel chromium wire, stainless steel wire , tungsten and molybdenum wires. Advanced polycrystalline drawing dies has the advantages of high-quality die and reasonable price especially on user performance.

Size Tolerance Circular Case Dimension
0.100—0.200 0.0015 0.001 ¢25xN
0.201-0.500 0.002 0.001 ¢25xN
0.501-1.000 0.003 0.0015 ¢25xN
1.001-1.500 0.004 0.002 ¢25xN
1.501-2.000 0.004 0.002 ¢25xN
2.001-3.300 0.005 0.0025 ¢25xN
3.301-4.600 0.007 0.0035 ¢25xN
4.601-8.000 0.010 0.005 ¢25xN
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