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TDP Single Tablet Press Machine


TDP single punch tablet press machine is used for pressing different kinds of granular raw materials into tablets in different shapes. It is the ideal equipment for trial manufacturing in lab. This small tablet press is also applicable to small batch production of different kinds of tablets, sugar pieces, calcium tablets and tablets of abnormal shapes.


According to the maximum pressure of the equipment, TDP single punch tablet press machine can be classified into TDP-1.5, TDP-5 and TDP-6 models. If the tablet is less than 12 mm, TDP1.5 is the best choice. If the tablet is not big but needs big pressure, TDP5 or TDP6 small tablet press will be the ideal choice.


1. TDP single punch tablet press machine is a small desktop type press.
2. Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable.
3. This small tablet press can be operated manually or automatically.
4. It can press tablets in different sizes and shapes by changing moulds.

Parameters of TDP Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Model TDP-1.5 TDP-5 TDP-6
Max. Pressure (KN) 15 50 60
Max. Diameter of Tablet (mm) 12 20 25
Max. Depth of Filling (mm) 12 16 16
Thickness of the Largest Tablet (mm) 6 6 6
Production capacity (pcs/h) 5000 4500 5000
Motor (kW) 0.55 0.75 1.1
Overall Size (mm) 700 × 370 × 800 700 × 400 × 800 700 × 500 × 900
Net Weight (kg) 90 125 140
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