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SY Series Vibrating Screen Machine


SY vibrating sieving machine is a kind of precise fine sieving machine suitable for continuous production line with high mechanization. It is also known as vibrating sifting machine or vibrating screener. The maximum layers of screen cloth can be up to five and the fineness is up to 500 mesh or 28 µ.


1. SY vibrating sieving machine is well appreciated for high sieving efficiency and good durability. It can sieve any powder and sticky liquid materials.
2. The vibrating sifting machine is easy to replace the screen cloth, simple to operate and convenient to clean.
3. It is fully enclosed with no dust flying, no fluid leakage and no net blocking.
4. After sieving, there is no material left in vibrating sieving machine, so the efficient screening area is increased.
5. Materials can be automatically discharged and the vibrating sifting machine can be continuously operated.
6. Unique screen frame design makes it have longer service life. It only takes three to five minutes to replace screen cloth.
7. SY vibrating sieving machine is of small volume. It occupies small space and is convenient to move.

Application of SY Vibrating Sifting Machine

Powder vibrating screener is extensively used in chemical industry, ceramic and abrasive industry, food industry, paper making industry, metal, metallurgy and mining industry, pharmacy profession, social pollution disposed industry, etc. The details are as follows:
Industry Application of SY Vibrating Sieving Machine
Chemical Industry Rubber, PVC powder, resin, pigment, industrial medicine, cosmetic, coatings, etc.
Ceramic and Abrasive Alumina, quartz sand, mud, carborundum, etc.
Food Industry Sugar powder, starch, salt, rice noodles, milk powder, soybean milk, egg powder, sauce, syrup, etc.
Paper Making Paper pulp, paint, wasted water recycling, etc.
Metal, Metallurgy and Mining Industry Aluminum powder, ceruse, copper powder, ore alloy powder, welding rod powder, manganese dioxide, electrolysis copper powder, electromagnetism materials, grinding powder, fire-resistant material, lime, alumina, heavy calcium carbonate, etc.
Pharmacy Profession Chinese herbal medicine, western medicine powder, liquid, particle, etc.
Social Pollution Disposed Industry Disposed oil, disposed water, disposed dye water, active carbon, etc.

Parameters of SY Vibrating Sifting Machine

Model Diameter (mm) Effective Sieving Area (m2) Layers Power (kW) Max. Material Size (mm)
SY-4 Φ430 0.13 1-3 0.25 < 20
SY-6 Φ654 0.16 0.5 < 20
SY-8 Φ800 0.44 0.75 < 30
SY-10 Φ950 0.63 0.8 < 30
SY-12 Φ1160 1.03 1.5 < 30
SY-15 Φ1500 1.65 2.2 < 50
SY-18 Φ1768 2.4 2.5 < 50
SY-20 Φ1950 2.98 2.5 < 60
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