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TP 1400 Single Tablet Press Machine (Lab)

TP 1400 laboratory tablet press is a desktop single punch tablet press machine. It is installed with drive motor. The main frame is made from 304# stainless steel and all product contact surfaces are made from 316# stainless steel. Tablets of various diameters and volumes are easily achieved by removing and replacing the bottom ejector, punch and die with minimal setting time. Two hardened steel profile cams control the timing of the unit and need no adjustment. TP 1400 laboratory tablet press is suitable for small batch processing in the fields of foods, chemicals and medicines. The capacity of this single punch tablet press machine is adjustable.
1. It can press 140 tablets per minute.
2. This machine can automatically produce tablets with diameter of 8 mm to 20 mm in continuation.
3. TP 1400 laboratory tablet press is featured with compact structure, simple operation, easy installation and dismantling, and so on.
4. This single punch tablet press machine is easy to move.
5. Additional filler is optional.
6. The laboratory tablet press is mainly configured with punch cam, reset cam, feed cam, reducer, motor and bedplate.
Parameters of TP 1400 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine
Max. Pressure 4000 kg/cm²
Max. Tablet Diameter Ф18 mm
Max. Tablet Depth 16 mm
Diameter of Punches Ф11 mm
Outer Diameter of Mould Ф32 mm
Max. Capacity 140 pcs/min
Power 1.1 kW
Weight 145 kg
Dimension 750mm (W ) × 430 mm (D) × 1400 mm (H)
Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and exporter of laboratory tablet press in China. We are engaged in providing high quality single punch tablet press machines to meet our customers’ requirements for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. The guarantee period is thirteen months from shipment date. During this period, we will provide free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the quality of laboratory tablet press, but buyers need to pay the express fee. Parts damaged because of mishandling and consumable parts are not covered by any warranty.
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