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Natural Dlamond Semi-Finished Drawing Die


The diamond semi-finished wire has superior quality and performance. Each diamond accepts by strict inspection so as to ensure the diamond internal defects and clear outline. Then each diamond after carefully grinding surface, to ensure maximum wear ability . Each diamonds with proper installment, to ensure the parallelism and the central position of diamond , the hole shape and size are according to the needs of any change. The smallest aperture can lay 0.009mm. Each drawing die have been accurate turning, with elegant appearance. So that the processing die is very important. .

Type New die Maximum size Laser size
1# 0.15 0.009-0.03
2# 0.2 0.015-0.10
3# 0.3 0.07-0.15
4# 0.4 0.15-0.20
5# 0.5 0.20-0.25
6# 0.6 0.25-0.35
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