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Powder Removal Machine


Powder removing machine is the auxiliary product of high-speed tablet press. It is mainly used to remove some powder stuck on the surface of tablets in pressing process. It can also be the automatic dust removal, piece or granular output equipment of products. This rotary tablet deduster is also the equipment for conveying tablets, drugs or granules with no dust and can be suitable for joining with an absorber or a blower as a vacuum cleaner. Our powder removing machines are famous for high efficiency, good dust-free effect, lower noise, good sealing and easy maintenance.


This rotary tablet deduster is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.
Main Characteristics
1. Powder removing machine is designed in accordance with GMP requirements.
2. With double layers screen structure, it can separate tablet and powder.
3. Speed and amplitude can be adjusted.
4. This rotary tablet deduster is easy to operate.

Technique Parameters of Powder Removing Machine

Output (piece/h) 800000
Removing Distance (m) 3
Air Pressure (Pa) 20
Power (V, Hz) 220,50
Electric Current (A) 0.5-1.2
Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of rotary tablet dedusters in China. We also supply tablet press machine, powder mixer, granulator, pulverizer, sugar coating machine, capsule filling machine, packaging machine, and so on. The normal delivery time for our products is between 30 and 50 days. Our powder removing machines are highly appraised by customers worldwide.
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