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Tablet Press Machine

Tablet press machine is a mechanical device that compresses dry granular or powder material into tablets of uniform size and weight. It can be used for manufacturing tablets of a wide variety of materials, such as pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and cosmetics. Depending on tablet size, shape, material and press configuration, a typical modern tablet compression machine can produce 250,000 to over 1,000,000 tablets an hour. We are able to make custom-made tablet press machines for customers.
Chuanchu mainly provides single tablet press, rotary tablet press, high speed tablet machine, basket tablet compression machine, double layer press machine, hydraulic press machine and three layers tablet press machine.
Our tablet compression machines are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, like pill tablet, Chinese medicine tablet and some healthy tablets. It can also be used in food industry (soup cube and sugar) and chemical products, such as salt tablet, disinfection tablet, sterilize tablet, mothball tablet, herb vitamin tablet, dish washing tablet, veterinary tablet, ceramics tablet, bath salts tablet, etc.
Raw Material
Tablet press machine (tablet compression machine) takes powder and granule as raw material. When pressing, the powder will fill the gap between the granules. It can impose equal pressure during both uplink and downlink movements so that there is enough time for the air inside the medicine’s particles to escape from the mould holes so as to make the tablets’ density more even and reduce fracture.
Working Process
The main working process of tablet press machine is to fill the material, compress and output the tablet. These procedures are continually carried out. There are dashboard and calibrated dial on the regulation systems for filling and compressing. Chuanchu tablet compression machine is simple to operate. To form a tablet, the granulated material must be metered into a cavity formed by two punches and a die, and then the punches must be pressed together with great force to fuse the material together.
1. Working Process of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

2. Working Principle of Single Punch Press Machine

Purchase Tips
When customers buy tablet compression machine, you should take the tablet size and capacity into consideration, because they are the main factors to influence the price of tablet press machine.