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TDP0 Single punch tablet press machine


This machine is used for pressing different kinds of granular raw materials into round tablets. It is applicable to trial manufacturing in lab or batch production in small amount different kinds of tablets, sugar pieces, calcium tablets and tablets of abnormal shape.


1 it is single press machine
2 the tablet thickness, pressure and filling depth of material could be adjusted
3 the tablet press machine will work together with the punch and size. The punch and size will decide the tablet size and shape.
4 It can also be hand-operated or or electric-operated.

Technique Parameter

Model TDP-0
Max. Pressure (kN) 30
Max. dia. of tablet (mm) 10
Max. Depth of fill (mm) 12
Thickness of largest tablet (mm) 6
Production capacity (pcs/h) 5000
. Motor (KW) 0.55
Overall size(mm) 700*370*800
Net weight 50
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