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GL Series Dry Granulator


GL dry extrusion granulator directly makes dry powder degassed and pre-shrunk. It exerts a force on rollers through hydraulic pressure for extruding out sheets, and then makes needed granules through smashing and granule integrating. This high speed granulator is widely used in chemistry, pharmacy, food and other powder-processing industries.


1. GL dry extrusion granulator simplifies the process, reduces the cost, upgrades the quality and thus makes high-density granules.
2. It manufactures products in accordance with GMP requirements.
3. This high speed granulator realizes high degree of automation.
4. By using crystallization water in materials, dry extrusion granulator can directly make powder materials into grains.
5. Stepless speed regulating and motor soft starting can be realized by adopting frequency converter. Frequency converter has various protection alarming functions which enables better protection of motor and longer service life of motor. It also enables motor in energy saving operation.
6. This high speed granulator is stable and reliable in performance and easy for maintenance.


GL dry extrusion granulator is equipped with lifting mechanism, feeding device, pelleting device, granule integrating device, hydraulic system, cooling system, electric control, vacuum conveying device and other components. This high speed granulator can be configured according to customers’ requirements.

Parameters of GL Dry Extrusion Granulator

Model Power (kW) Granule Size (mm) Output (kg/h) Outer Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
GL-50 6 0.3-2.5 10-50 1300 × 950 × 180 1700
GL-100 10 0.3-2.5 30-100 1500 × 1050 × 2020 2500
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