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GD Isostatic Ball Press Machine


GD hydraulic ball press machine is especially applicable for isostatic forming of medium aluminum and high aluminum ceramic balls. This isostatic press machine is a frame type hydraulic press, with three main cylinders mounted inside the frame, two rapid cylinders on both sides of main cylinders respectively and one charging valve on the bottom of three main cylinders respectively. The hydraulic ball press machine is featured with high working efficiency, less power consumption, low noise, stable working, simple operation, safety and reliability, and so on.


GD isostatic press machine is composed of mainframe, hydraulic system, electric system and connecting pipeline. The mainframe, hydraulic station and electric control cabinet are separated for transportation. The mainframe is composed of framework, mobile beam, main cylinder, rapid cylinder, charging valve, charging tank, distributor, mobile cylinder, isopiestic chamber, overturn cylinder, isopiestic chamber rise cylinder and other main components.

Parameters of GD Hydraulic Ball Press Machine

Model GD300 GD600 GD1200
Isostatic Working Poressure 45 Mpa 45 Mpa 45 Mpa
Ball Diamter 30 mm or 40 mm 50 mm or 60 mm 60 mm
Working Station 18 pc for balls with the diameter of 60 mm 18 pc for balls with the diameter of 50 mm 21 pc for balls with the diameter of 60 mm
Capacity 3 T to 4 T/24 hours 6 T to 10 T/24 hours 12 T to 15 T/24 hours
System Working Pressure 15 Mpa 15 Mpa 15 Mpa
Power 25 kW 34 kW 42 kW
Working Time per Bacth less than 40 seconds less than 40 seconds less than 40 seconds
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