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Advanced Polycrytal Semi-Finished Drawing Die


Advanced polycrystalline semi-finished wire drawing die adopted to best cobalt based polycrystalline diamond with stable performance. Meanwhile the sintering equipments as automatically far infrared temperature, strict control of temperature and pressure in order to guarantee its excellent performance. Each die polycrystalline are properly installed, to be ensuring the parallelism and center of the polycrystalline and elegant appearance. Die hole size and angle can be determined according to customer requirements . .

Type New die Maximum size Laser size
6D 0.5 0.07-0.20
12D 0.7 0.20-0.30
42D 1.2 0.30-0.40
15D 1.5 0.40-0.50
18D 1.8 0.5-1.2
21D 2.7 1.2-1.5
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